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Our Pickleball Court is open 7 days a week from 6 am - 10 pm. You can reserve the court for an hour or more. 
Pickleball machine fee includes court rental
No refunds will be given
reservations made be rescheduled on line up to 48 hours before your session

Give the Gift of Pickleball
this Holiday Season!

Court Rules

Thank You!

• • •   2024 COURT RULES   • • •

Help us keep our prices low and the facility clean and inviting by following these rules;

1.   Be respectful of others.  Do not enter the building more than five minutes before your reservation.  Exit the building promptly when your session is over.  

2.   The person reserving the court is responsible for ensuring your guests read, sign, and comply with these rules. Violation of these rules may result in being denied access.

3.   Each participant should read, date, and sign the rule sheet the first time here.  After that, please sign in with name date and time every time you come.

4.   No street shoes on the court.  Please bring clean, non-marking court shoes to change into.

5.   Absolutely NO food of any kind inside the building.

6.   All drinks must be in spill proof containers. Containers with straws and disposable cups with lids are not acceptable.

7.   Absolutely no alcohol or tobacco on the property, including chewing tobacco.

8.   Please keep the portable bathroom clean. Accuracy of placement is as important here as it is on the court.

9.   Any paddles or balls belonging to Big Rock Pickleball are not to be removed from the building.

10.The Lobster ball launching machine is for rent only and must be rented in advance here.


1.   Turn off AC/Heat/fan if you used them.

2.   Turn off the inside lights by pressing the button on each switch.

3.   Do not touch grey light switches.

4.   Once outside press lock icon on keypad to lock door.

Thank you!

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