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Whether you have never played Pickleball, or you are a seasoned player, having a coach is beneficial to your game. New players will develop good habits to build on, and those who already know the game can fine tune their skills with the helpful suggestions of a certified coach. To hire a coach, select your coach from the information provided below. Contact your coach directly. Together, you will decide on date and time. Your coach will inform you of his or her fees, explain how payments are made, and schedule your session. Your coach will reserve the court. You may be offered the opportunity to receive your coaching at another facility, or out door court.


Coach Melissa Ballenger

Pickleball was first brought to my attention at a family reunion in Nebraska in 2018.  My first lessons were with the Mount Vernon Parks and Recreation at our local YMCA. I’ve played most days since.  I am a certified coach through Pickleball Professional Registry, (PPR),  Level 1 International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (ITPTA), and Dynamite Doubles, (DD).  I am also a USAPA Pickleball Ambassador.


It is my goal to provide beginners with a solid foundation, and assist intermediate players to fine tune their skills.  I provide Dynamite Doubles strategies for those who would like to improve their skills as a partner while playing doubles.


Whether you intend to play for recreation, or for serious competition, a solid foundation will save you from having to unlearn bad habits as you progress.  Practicing good habits will help you to improving your game more quickly.


All equipment is provided for beginners. Try out this sport prior to investing in paddles and balls.

Learn how to avoid spills and other types of injury to yourself and others.

COURT SAFETY: Learn the importance of maintaining balance. 


POSTURE:  A correct posture will prepare you to respond quickly and accurately to whatever shot comes your way. It will also express your enthusiasm; show your opponents you know what you are doing.

COURT POSITIONING:  You will be shown the most advantageous positions to start the game and where to move from there.

SKILL DRILLS:  As I observe your style of play, I will introduce you to drills and drill type games to improve upon your game and develop your skills while adding even more fun.

INFORMATION: I provide my students with the information they need to set and achieve their pickleball goals.

Coach Gary Cassera

After twenty years of being a professional tennis coach, I began coaching pickleball, and I enjoy the variety of athletic talents that pickleball showcases from different sports.


Competed in college tennis for four years

Continued in tennis coaching both juniors and adults for twenty years

I was deeply honored to be a high-performance coach with the United States Tennis Association.


Decades of knowledge and experience has prepared me to coaching pickleball at all levels.

I’m a 5.0 pickleball player

I have coached players from beginners to APP Professional Tours

I was responsible for guiding the early education of some of the top juniors in the nation 

The knowledge I have gained from extensive experience has enabled me to teach on the most useful and beneficial topics. This offers faster results to my players

In addition to the basics of pickleball, I guide players in biomechanics, mental toughness, and game strategy. 

My 5-step system you will provide you with the opportunity to learn

How to become your own coach

Where to focus your attention

How to create their own drills, and so much more.

Please feel free to contact me for group or private lessons at 609-760-0034. I look forward to meeting you.


Any level, day's, evenings and weekends



-Semi private lessons for 2 to 4 people

-I am happy to teach lessons at any level and am available to teach days, evenings, weekends.


Tuesdays at Big Rock Pickleball

3.5  2-4pm and 4-6pm

4.0 - 4.5 6pm-8pm

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