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Our Pickleball Court is open 7 days a week from 6 am - 8 pm.

You can reserve the court for as little as an hour or as much as the whole day.

20$ per hr

Up to 8 players per session

20$ per hr


• • •   COURT RULES   • • •


Please observe and respect the following rules while using the pickleball court at our facilities:

  • Big Rock Pickleball is a private facility. We reserve the right to deny access to anyone for any reason. Please be respectful of one another and our property. Security cameras are in place.

  • You may bring a maximum of eight players per reservation period.

  • Payment is made at the time of reservation. Reservations may be given or sold to another player. No refunds will be given by Big Rock Pickleball.

  • Upon arrival each player must sign the reservation book with their name, date, and time. 

  • Before playing, please sign the waiver provided on the table, and put it in the manila envelope for privacy. This need only be done annually.

  • Parents or legal guardian must sign an additional waiver for each child under the age of eighteen. You must have written permission from Big Rock Pickleball to bring children under the age of twelve into the facility.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO tobacco or alcohol on the property. As soon as you turn off Highway 9, you are on Ballenger’s property.

  • Please bring WATER ONLY in non-spill vessels. There is no plumbing to the facility, so there is no running water for clean-up.

  • Please keep the portable bathroom clean! ( Accuracy of placement is as important here as it is on the court ;)

  • NO food except energy bars or what may be necessary for blood sugar levels. Please do not abuse this. We provide a small vacuum for cleaning up crumbs.

  • NO pets are allowed in the facility. Exceptions may be made with written permission only for well trained LICENSED service dogs.

  • Please leave the facility and accessories as you find them. If anything seems amiss upon your arrival, please let us know immediately by text. Contact info is available on business cards at the facility.

  • If you are on the last reservation (8pm) please turn off the lights and lock the door.

  • We hope you enjoy your time here and find our facility beneficial to your game.

  • A drawing will be held on the first day of the month. Winners will receive a free two-hour session.  When you sign in, be sure to complete a raffle ticket with your name and cell number.

Thank You!

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